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The Joint Industry Coupon Council is a collaborative industry group focused on standards and best practices

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The Joint Industry Coupon Council is a parity based group focused on collaborative coupon process development, networking and industry coupon development for the U.S. Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods Industry’s primary stakeholders; Retailers and Manufacturers.

The Joint Industry Coupon Council (JICC) simplifies dialogue between retailers and manufacturers as it relates to coupon standards, usage, hurdles and opportunities. The goal is to facilitate conversation that leads to consensus between these critical stakeholders without third-party provider influence. This stakeholder consensus can then be shared with trade associations and third-party providers as a roadmap for future product, technology and processes; through standards, guidelines and best practices developed and distributed by JICC.

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The JICC is co-chaired by members of both retail and manufacturer groups.  These Chairs or work group leaders interface with other industry associations to clearly communicate the solutions, policies or standards created through JICC.

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The work of the JICC is conducted by its members for its members and the benefit of the industry at large. Work groups explore all facets of the coupon ecosystem to explore and gain consensus on paths forward on process and technologies.  Each work group has a clearly established charter, co-sponsorship, deliverables and resources.  These deliverables are shared with the entire council for collaboration, agreement and distribution to industry associations and stakeholders.

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The JICC is a Sub Committee of the Consumer Brands Association (CBA) (manufacturer trade group) and Food Institute Association (retailer trade group).

The purpose of the JICC is to bring Manufacturers, Retailers and their Trade Associations together to create Standards and Guidelines for the Coupon Industry.

The Co-Chairs of JICC will act as a communicator of the Code of Ethics and may address issues of noncompliance within the industry.

JICC Policy on Compliance with Anti-Trust Laws

JICC Co-Chairs and members and staff must have a basic understanding of federal and state antitrust laws and how they apply to associations.

Code of Ethics

The purpose of JICC is to provide guidance to the Coupon Industry.

A JICC member should:

Conduct honest and fair business and professional dealings with customers, suppliers and members of the coupon processing industry.

Promote practices and policies in their firms which reflect favorably upon the industry.

Seek no unfair advantage over other JICC members.

Conduct business so as to attempt to reach agreeable solutions to controversies with other JICC members.

Refrain from any activities that may be in conflict with the purposes of JICC.

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This council is comprised of retailers and manufacturers working to come to agreement on the current and future state of coupons and coupon executions. Participants learn about various coupon technologies, capabilities, and processes; then vote to determine how the industry will respond to, work with, or standardize these for their best collective use.  

JICC encourages participation from manufacturers and retailers of all sizes and specialties.  Participants do not have to be coupon experts.  Current participants represent various departments in their companies such as Controls, Incentives, Finance, Technology, Loss Prevention and more.  Participation in JICC is a benefit to companies by creating understanding of the current landscape, hurdles, and opportunities in the coupon space; and craft policies or standards to ensure continuity of process across the industry. JICC participation is also beneficial for the individual to learn about promotion types, explore technologies or network.

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