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JICC Call 11/30/2022

Antitrust Statement

Welcome and Introductions

What keeps you up at night when it comes to manufacturer coupons

  • Returns fraud

  • Realize the importance of coupons.  Ensure that fraud is in check.  Help to make sure coupons are top of mind

  • Ensuring that customers have a great experience while focusing on fraud.

  • We have cut back on the number of coupons we produce and release (that has been tough) because of budget cuts.  What keeps me up at night: we sell a lot of weight price products.  How do we get the coupons to work with these products?

  • Where are we bleeding money from coupons in general?  Expired? Fraudulent? What vendor has the largest write-offs? Second: no mark-up for online pricing, so develop billing practices associated with digital coupons to capture all of that data.

  • There is not a universal way to reach customers anymore.  Can’t run a national digital ad.

  • Working with various platforms/vendors to negotiate where we are at, who we use, what our rates are going to be.  So many players right now

  • One thing we would like to do is redeem manufacturer coupons with our click and go opportunity

  • How do we continue to grow the coupon industry (8112).  Can we get the awareness, implementation, and execution

  • Getting universal coupons into market and getting that execution started to help mitigate fraud, help with efficiencies, operational solutions, and what we see in the marketing innovation space so we can use coupons more efficiently and in more innovative ways.

  • Harder and harder to execute with coupons.  I would love to see brands come back to couponing and to come back to the media.  The problem with the “front line” where the customer and the checker are trying to do the right thing and the coupon isn’t doing what it needs to do.  I wish we could automate the process to make it a better, safer, and less friction.

  • Protecting team members (from bad actors that have become more and more aggressive) and protecting guest experience (smooth as possible).  Larger problems when it comes to returns

  • We don’t know what we don’t know.  Our data is collected differently.  Could Brett talk more to the accelerator program to make sure they are taking good care of our guests?

    • Brett – assess what your POS system is and who your technology partners are

      • We have a few accelerator partners that are happy to help.

    • What are your needs in that technology space?  We can then match you up with someone that can help you.

Main topics

Too many options to choose from on both sides – what is going to be the next big thing and what do we want to invest in

Rebates, coupons, other incentives… Are you accounting for those in the same way, which ones do you choose and why?

  • Trying to get the largest reach - FRAGMENTATION

  • Brands want to be more nuanced.  Which provider has access to that audience?

    • Reach and the subset of audiences

  • BUDGET – cash back is one budget, gamification is another budget.  Changes in budget can change the type of distribution

  • ROI – tied to return on objectives (mass reach vs. target)

  • Sometimes innovation products are at certain stores, so that helps make the decision on who to go with

What is new at ACP – 8112 

  • We are working on the variable weight product

  • Biggest focus – educating the retailers.  They are the last leg that requires some technical development.  We have used accelerator programs and continue to get more education out there.  Retail partners are pushing Point of Sale providers to be up to 8112.  We’re seeing movement and commitments that will be gaining momentum going into 2023.  The economy impacted this.  Don’t forget about the little guy – we have accelerator partners to help all of our partners, including (but not limited to) the little guys.

  • We need to make sure that manufacturer coupons are redeemable online

  • Mike – next calendar year is going to be the year.  P&G is releasing content regularly.  Once you see national retailers come online, it’ll really take off.  Brands putting out high dollar values to drive change

  • Mike – where are we bleeding (expired, fraudulent, etc.) is there an easy way to delineate (pie chart) to look at the sources of loss for retailers, and how do we as a group start attacking those?

Next Steps:

  • Tom send out council call calendar invites for 2023.  These calls would be every other month on the second Wednesday at 1pm.  These would be February, April, June, August, October, and December 2023. 

  • Continue discussion around survey in 2023

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